Francine Uy

"It is important to continue uplifting the lives of farmers and promote sustainability. Farmers do all the hardwork yet they remain poor so it is my life's mission to give back to these hardworking and selfless individuals. Every time I see more and more people eating at our store and buying our products, it puts a big smile on my face how people are slowly understanding our advocacy. At the end of the day, a big chunk of our income goes back to the farmers, and since we started, they already have put their children to school and have improved their lives."

As a social entrepreneur, Francine Uy, is proud that her advocacy of sustainable and responsible farming and lifestyle is helping farmers as well as consumers practice fair and healthy living. But she is most proud and at her happiest being a mom to her 3 kids.


Gretchen Varela

“I am passionate about educating children. I believe that there are ways to make learning exciting, and that school should be something that children enjoy and not dread. Most importantly, I am passionate about helping children develop Godly character and life skills that will equip them for success in life. I feel that the work I do in giving children a great foundation academically, morally and spiritually is very crucial because they are the future leaders of society. What we plant in them today, will determine how our country will be in the future.”

Gretchen Varela wears many hats- an educator at Lamblight Catholic School, a tv host of GMA’s local News and Public Affairs Program, a columnist of Sun Star Bacolod, a part owner of Play Studio Specialty Photography, and a co-founder of T-MATO (Teacher-Made Toys). But the most important hat she wears is being a single mom to the 2 most important people in the world, Gabe and Ella.


Ina Gaston

"I am passionate about good design. I love crafting and passing on skills that can be turned into products. I hope to be instrumental in preserving traditions & culture crafts by using them in our products. I think it is also important for my children to see that I am doing my part in the world. I want to lead by example so they can see that I live it too."

A wife, a mother of 4, and an an architect by training, Ina Gaston is a product designer for Hacienda Crafts, an ENVIROSOCIAL DESIGN company that manufactures items for the home. She volunteers with private organizations like the Association of Negros Producers and Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation and manages major projects like the Philippine International Furniture Show.

Gianne Sanson

"Dancing makes me happy. I feel blessed to be able to teach and inspire not just my own children but also the children who are entrusted to me in our school. Through my craft, i feel that the Lord is also using me to bless others, especially our scholars in the dance school, who receive free dance education. Hopefully when they get to college, they will be able to apply for scholarships and be part of their school's dance group. Scholars in college are also given opportunities to teach and earn. All these inspire me to continue working.””

Gianne Sanson is passionate about being a mom to her 2 children, Drew and Derek, and she believes in giving children opportunities to learn, to grow, and to be the best that they can be. She is the dance school principal of The Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance where she teaches ballet and street jazz.

Antoinette Lacson

“I love what I do. I think there is a big, gaping hole in Negros Occidental for animal welfare and environmental education. The amount of work I do for profit, helps me to pursue my passion in the Non-Profit sector. It’s a win-win situation. I work hard for the companies I run just so I can do what I love doing best, which is being around animals and nature. And my philosophy is always “If I don’t do it, who will?”

Antoinette Lacson’s first priority is being a mom. She runs Olivia, All Flip Flops, Cellar, and a small livelihood project in her husband’s farm, Ma’Ayo Home Essentials. Her passion really lies in animals and nature. She is part of the Board of Trustees of the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PRRCF) and a teacher of equestrianism. She hopes to open Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Center by the end of the year which will double as an animal rescue and adoption center.


Cynthia Magalona

“Being in the food business demands a lot of time, attention and hard work. It can get so tiring but I really don’t mind since it’s what i enjoy doing. I don't think i can get used to doing nothing. More importantly though, I see this as a way of teaching our children the value of hard work, doing an honest way of living, and how we can contribute to the society by providing a place where people can relax and enjoy the kind of food we serve.”

Cynthia Magalona is most proud of raising 4 lovely children who are her most prized possession. She is in charge of the product development and operations of a family business, Bob’s Restaurant. She and her husband also started their own bakery and pastry shop specializing in quality breads and cakes and later on established one of the first coffee shops in the Bacolod City, Cafe Bobs.


Marga Nograles

“I thank the Lord everyday for the gift of my family and my work. I am fortunate enough to have a job that allows me my quality time with my husband and 3 children. All roles excite me. As a wife, I am always proud of my husband and his passion to make a difference. As a mother, I cherish everyday with my children. Watching them grow, seeing them learn and simply just looking at them, make me believe that I must have done something right. As an entrepreneur, I truly enjoy making things happen. I think it is the balancing all these roles that thrills me the most. Each day is exciting. I am never bored.”

Marga M. Nograles is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Martish Marketing Co. Business development Manager of Pedistep Inc. and Te Lab Fashion and Accessories and Co-Founder of KIELE Scents. She is the dedicated wife of Cong. Karlo Nograles and mom of 3 wonderful children.

Mimi Vergara-Tupas

“….I am honestly very humbled whenever I get compliments on how I balance motherhood, our businesses, my passions and still live a sane, well-rounded lifestyle. I guess inspiration flows from the fact that I find BLISS in everything I do and that my line of businesses -- a clothing retail brand, a swimsuit line, a doggie paw-lour franchise, and healthy urban meal deliveries from my home kitchen --- all reflect snippets of how a woman’s life can be so challenging, so diverse yet so fulfilling – one that is well-rounded to keep the sanity intact. I honestly have moments when I question if all these juggling is paying off --- but I guess when you end your day with bliss & contentment, and most importantly, seeing your family intact, that’s when I can say, I must be doing something right to deserve all these & be the source of inspiration of other mommies as well…”

Mimi Vergara-Tupas, the savvy creative force behind some of Davao's most recognizable homegrown brands, regards her businesses as the offshoots of the different aspects of her life- her dogs, fashion, good food, and her beloved family.

Janette Huang-Teves

“I believe I inspire other moms because I continuously strive to grow in other areas of my life while being a hands-on mom. Motherhood has enabled me to sharpen my balancing skills. No matter how busy I am, I consciously take “breathers” by having soothing massages or dates with my hubby or friends. Through my newspaper column, I am able to highlight family-oriented people, events and advocacies. On the other hand, my longtime involvement with the PTA has allowed me to be an instrument of active and better parenting. I love the diverse roles that I play and I pursue my passions with gusto and grace.”

As a writer, Janette Huang-Teves uses the power of the pen in educating people on relevant issues and worthwhile advocacies. As a hands-on mom, she personally tutors her kids and is an active PTA President.

Olive Puentespina

“Life and living excites me, the endless possibilities drive me to discover life. This is in the core of my being and it shows in the dedication I put in my work, in the desire to make a difference in life of other women and in each prayer I utter for the welfare of my family. Ultimately, my fulfillment lies in raising children who will be upright and productive citizens of the world, much better than what I have become. With each victory, I honor my God and pay homage to the memory of my Inay.”

Olive Puentespina is the owner of Malagos Farmhouse Cheeses. She pursued her passion and belief that world-class cheeses can be made locally. Her cheeses are now served in international hotel chains and restaurants. Her business also supports local farmers in their community.

Gel Ferrer

“My pursuit of happiness has led me to discover that everything that gives meaning to my life leads back home. There is no greater role I would rather do than to be a dedicated wife and loving mom to my three wonderful kids – Karla (17), Germaine (15) and Angelo (9). If there is a legacy I’d like to leave in this world, it is to I have raised God-fearing, morally upright and responsible children who can make a difference in people’s lives. Being a mom means 24/7 working hours, no hazard pay, extra doses of patience required. But the rewards are totally worth it -- a lifetime of security and fulfilment. Being a mom is the best job ever!”

After 20 years of working in the corporate world, Gel B. Ferrer found her true calling in marketing and public relations, and in organizing events relevant to the community. She is the founder of Marketing Mix Events & Consultancy, Marketing Communications chair of Children’s Hour Davao and organizer of the Davao Eco Fair. Through her events, she aims to support advocacies for children, women and the environment.

Lyn Tan

“I think most moms are inspired by the same things I am: all the wonderful possibilities and the great adventure that is Life. When I look at my children, I am reminded anew of the innate goodness, incredible creativity, and boundless potential of all of us and these provide the fire for my endeavors and advocacies: The Oak & Acorn, LATCH Davao, my Classical Music Appreciation Classes, my piano- playing, etc. All these are products of the inspiration and joy from my faith and my family, and the realization that really, all of us are one big family and we can, and must, help each other and our planet thrive.”

Lyn Tan is the devoted mother of a 10-year-old thoughtful boy and a 6-year-old vivacious girl, who were both breastfed past their 3rd birthdays, and the happy wife of an architect. She is the creative force behind The Oak & Acorn, is a member of LATCH, teaches Classical Music Appreciation and is passionate about travelling, ecology and the piano.

Sunshine Pengson

“I have to admit that there is always that smidgen of guilt when you are doing one thing and think you should be spending more time doing the other. I just do the best I can and it helps a lot that I have a husband who is both a hands-on dad and in the same industry as I am so we get to help and cover for each other from time to time. I love that we understand each other’s passion, schedule, and challenges. I do enjoy it a lot but there are times when it's difficult for both of us to separate work from our lives as a couple or as a family. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to talk about other topics and to try to leave the topic of work in the workplace and to just enjoy the moment of time off.”

Sunshine Puey Pengson is expecting her second baby. The wife of fellow chef Rob Pengson, she runs The Goose Station and Shine Bakery and Cafe, among others.

Cat Juan Ledesma

“My parenting philosophy has recently been one of just going with the flow. In the beginning, I used to read those What to Expect books that offer monthly timelines to check on your child’s development. I realized that it was stressing me out more than making me feel good every time a new month would approach, so I’ve learned to put the books away and trust what feels right for me. If I need help, I’ll ask for it.”

Cat Juan Ledesmaembraces everything she does with a passion. She is a writer, teacher, traveler, and blogger at Most important, she is mom to Fin and wife to Carlo. Cat also works with The Beacon Academy.

Tisha Cruz

"When I think about what I like most about teaching it is exploring that which motivates and empowers the class to bring out the best in them and to develop their love for learning. It is about being given the opportunity to celebrate each child and honor every learner as an individual... The Learning Lion team came up with the Kinder Project because it is our dream to reach out and make a reader out of every Filipino child especially in the poorest communities of the Philippines.""

Tisha Cruz is a mom of three, publisher of Learning Lion books, and co-founder of The Kinder Project. Through the Kinder Project, she hopes to give out 200 teaching sets to the teachers of the Payatas community.(More info on the KinderProject at their FB page)

Eileen Juan Grey

"In our efforts to provide relief goods to Yolanda victims, the most fulfilling was being blessed by the people we met. I can't imagine me and my kids lining up for food under the sun for hours. The gratitude in my heart increased a thousand times. Being in those islands was a blessing. One time we ran out of drinking water. We were on a boat for a few hours and I was getting worried then we had a beautiful sunset, and then dolphins came to accompany us on our journey. It was magical!"

Eileen Juan Grey is the chief executive officer of The Picture Company. She is a mom of two and part of a group of passionate entrepreneurs helping in the Yolanda relief efforts.

Denise Gonzales

“I am most passionate about breastfeeding, babywearing, all natural living, health, and wellness! I believe that the change we want to see in the world starts with one child at a time, and the principles of attachment parenting all support this. If we sow seeds in our children, teaching them love, valuing family and health, respecting others, and loving nature, we will see the ripple effects of these in our families, communities, and the world. It all starts with one spark of light.”

A mom of two, Denise Gonzales believes that passions don’t necessarily need to exclude babies and children. She is one of the founders of Indigobaby and FLOW SurfYogaSamba.

G Tongi Walters

“What I discovered about myself after becoming a mother was that pursuing my personal passions was an integral part to being the best mother I can be. Taking care of my own well-being first ensures I can be the best mom and the best wife I can be to my family. Carving out "me" time isn't selfish, it's absolutely necessary not only for my sanity but for my own self esteem and identification as a woman. I am defined of course by my role as a mother, but it's not the only role I dedicate myself to.”

Giselle Tongi-Walters is an actress, model, product endorser, writer, producer, and social activist. But she is most proud to be the mother of Sakura Anne Marie and Kenobi Benjamin.

Jaymie Pizarro

“As a runner, I’m used to pushing beyond my limits disregarding pain and discomfort. It’s almost the same with motherhood. I’m willing to do whatever it takes, from undergoing sleepless nights to working harder, just to ensure my kids’ happiness… My schedule revolves around them. I swim, bike, or run only while they’re in school. My rule is that my love for running should not take time away from my kids… Nothing makes me prouder than knowing that my kids are growing up to be good individuals and seeing them strive to be the best they can be.”

A mother, marathoner, blogger, artist, and entrepreneur, Jaymie Pizarro is the founder of the She has inspired thousands of individuals to take to the road and run towards a healthier lifestyle.

Mitch So

My office is just 15 minutes away from home so it's very convenient. I can go home fairly quickly and without the hassle of traffic. I actually hold office in the mall. During lean days and after school, my kids sometimes come over to visit me for a quick snack. Weekends are also sometimes spent in the mall so I can do monitoring and be with the family at the same time. I love that I have a very supportive husband and family. I thrive because they allow me to.

As an executive for a major mall property developer, Mitch So feels fortunate to have a front row seat to the exciting developments in the retail industry. But she considers herself more blessed to witness the everyday adventures of her two kids.